Tigrillo is run over in Bacalar

Tigrillo is run over in Bacalar

In the stretch of road that joins the Limones and Pedro A. Santos communities, belonging to the municipality of Bacalar, the run over of a specimen of tigrillo was reported, which was rescued by the citizens.

According to the testimonies of the surrounding inhabitants, the mammal was found inert on the road but still alive, due to the injuries it presented, the attention of a specialist was necessary, so it was transferred by the same citizens to the city of Bacalar.

Here he was handed over to the authorities of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) so that specialized veterinarians could attend to his injuries.

The authorities have asked motorists to take care of these and other species, which before the arrival of heat and rain, coupled with the work carried out in the jungle, migrate and cross the roads.

Therefore, they have urged drivers to drive cautiously in areas where wildlife crosses, as well as to avoid driving at excessive speed, since in this way the wildlife and the drivers themselves are taken care of.

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