TikTok: he becomes rich… by being woken up at night by his subscribers

The idea has the merit of being original, even if we imagine that for its author, it also meant spending a certain number of hellish nights. Jakey Boehm, the 28-year-old Australian influencer, has been offering his 400,000 subscribers for a few weeks to pay, to perhaps win the right to wake him up in the middle of the night live, with RGB LED forces, awful music tracks at full blast. balloons and various objects that may fall on his face.

Hell you tell me? Without a doubt. But a hell that still brings the person concerned the tidy sum of 25,000 euros per month (around 34,000 Canadian dollars). An absolutely crazy sum that has “changed the life” of this “sleeping influencer” as he calls himself in the columns of Business Insider. In all, Jack Boehm submits to this little game for 49 hours of nights a week.

This influencer earns money by imposing on himself a real nightlife hell

The game itself works in the form of a treasure hunt. The influencer’s room is indeed riddled with connected objects with which it is possible to interact by chat provided that their name is correctly identified. Participants pay for the right to access the chat, and thus find the name that activates all these connected objects. The “prize” for the winners is above all to have a good laugh while watching the live stream of the room.

In the video that we have taken at the end of the article, we can see the influencer being woken up a little after midnight, with a falling object, the launch of a bubble machine, everything flashing with RGB, a video, and above all an absolutely awful and strident song. We see the “victim” struggling limply trying to return to Morpheus’ arms despite everything… probably appeased by thinking of the increase in his bank balance.

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And believe it or not, this activity, even passive, is very followed on TikTok. Most of the videos on the subject exceed 10,000 views, and there are several videos of the influencer having garnered more than 1 million views. A leap from Jackey Boehm’s previous videos which rarely exceeded 10,000 views.


Control my room join the live

♬ original sound – Jakey – Interactive Sleep 😴


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