TikTok now prohibits political accounts from raising money

For the social network, it is a question of remaining as neutral as possible during the American intermediate ballot by prohibiting, for example, calls for donations. The rule is valid all over the world.

A few weeks before the midterms, the American midterm elections, TikTok announces that it will ban political accounts from making money in any way possible.

“We prohibit political content in an ad, and now we will apply account-level restrictions. Concretely, this means that access to TikTok’s advertising solutions will be automatically removed for all accounts belonging to a politician or a party. Politics” says the social network in a press release.

Thus, except in exceptional circumstances (including charitable ones), access to TikTok’s advertising solutions “will be automatically removed for all accounts belonging to a politician or political party.”

This applies to calls for donations but also to “other monetization features”, such as virtual gifts, e-commerce, tips… specifies the press release. Clearly, these accounts will no longer be able to receive money. They will not even be able to refer to an external site that collects money.

These new rules particularly concern the United States, while the mid-term elections will take place on November 8, across the Atlantic. A way for the social network to find a certain neutrality while the tech giants are regularly criticized for their possible influence. Especially since TikTok seeks to stand out from its parent company, the Chinese ByteDance

“By prohibiting fundraising and limiting access to our monetization options, we hope to strike the right balance allowing users to discuss important topics in their lives, while protecting the creative and entertaining spirit of our platform, dear to our community” explains TikTok.

In France, political advertisements are prohibited by law and therefore on social networks, especially as elections approach. However, fundraising for political purposes is permitted. During the next elections, French politicians will therefore not be able to count on TikTok to relay calls for donations.

Thomas Le Roy Journalist BFM Business

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