TikTok prepares its anniversary! It will be 6 years old and 49% of ‘connected’ Peruvians have it on their smartphone

Tiktok, a short video platform and one of the most popular social networks today, is getting ready for its sixth ‘birthday’ and in this anniversary month it even announces that it will have a new tool ‘Now’ (to share 10-second video activities of the day to day).

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He is of Chinese origin, was born in September 2016 and already is available in more than 75 languages. In addition, it is constantly growing and is the fastest growing platform in the country, according to Havas Group. In his study ‘The Peruvian and TikTok’, presented in February of this year, he revealed that the 49% of Peruvians connected have the TikToK app installed on their smartphone.

“Its growth is very fast and opens new spaces to connect with consumers. It can serve for brands to have greater interaction and closeness”, he pointed Jose Manuel Jurado CEO of Havas Group.

TikTok will be six years old, has more than a billion active users in the world and is constantly growing. (Isabel Medina / Trome Compos. / Ecumple.com)

Entrepreneurs tool

TikTok’s audiovisual format helps content creators and is an important alternative for entrepreneurs to connect with a larger audience.

“A trend that the entrepreneur should consider when deciding on TikTok is that the volume of searches within the same app increased and it is estimated that it could become a serious rival to Google”said Victor Cachay, Professor of the Community Manager program of the Carrión Institute.

‘Virals’ and trends

TikTok allows you to create, edit, upload and share’music selfie videosIn addition, eye-catching effects, filters, even functions with augmented reality features can be applied to the content.

In this social network, with a dynamic and fun style, ‘challenges’ are created and trends are also started.

“The main advantages of this platform are its ‘virality’ and the possibility of connecting with a community interested in learning. It’s not just getting used to giving ‘like’ but to interact. And since content is consumed very quickly in this community, it creates a challenge to have continuity, with more material and try to connect”highlighted Serge Pacussich, Peruvian photographer.

TikTok will be six years old, has more than a billion active users in the world and is constantly growing.  (Diffusion)
TikTok will be six years old, has more than a billion active users in the world and is constantly growing. (Diffusion)


In Peru, millennials are the group that uses TikTok the most (33% of active users), according to Havas Group. It is followed by users between 38 and 49 years old (24%) and centennials (23%),

Pacussich is the creator of @Pacushoot, whose TikTok has over 35k followers and shares easy mobile photography tutorials. For example, the Xiaomi 12 series, to achieve the best photos.

Know that:

  • This network surpassed 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide, according to Business Of Apps.
  • is the app which has more downloads this year (in the first quarter more than 3,500 million downloads), surpassing Instagram and WhatsApp, according to a Sensor Tower study.
  • trome is the Peruvian newspaper with the most followers on TikTok (more than 309.5K), follow it on official Trome @tromepe


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