Tiktoker denounces that in Yucatan they take children away for being lesbian

In Yucatan Julissa, a 29-year-old woman who gave birth to her daughter on October 26, had her newborn and her six-year-old boy taken away solely for the fact that she was a lesbian.

The above was denounced by the tiktoker sof casillaswho related how the woman originally from the state of Quintana Roo and who has lived in Mérida for four years, was victim of discrimination in the hospital where his second daughter was born, who was taken from his arms.

“This act of discrimination happened in the General Hospital “Agustín O’Horán””, after the social worker decided that Julissa was a bad example for her children”, expressed the tiktoker with more than 379 thousand followers and millions of reactions.

In the 1:55 second video, sofcasillas explains that when the social worker approached Julissa, she made comments about her physical appearance, asked her about her husband and how she got pregnant, to which she replied that she decided to be the mother of a single parent family.

But how Julissa is a masculine and poor woman, the worker of the hospital located in Merida and managed by Yucatan Health Services (SSY), decided that “it was not a good example”.

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they took away their children

Tiktoker denounces that in Yucatan they take children away for being lesbian

The tiktoker Sofcasillas_ mentioned that the case is outrageous and violates Julissa’s human rights

Therefore, the social worker notified the Office for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (Prodennay), who intervened snatching the newborn and leaving her in state custody. Days later, they also took away his son six years old

The above happened though Julissa delivered a labor certificate, an act of no criminal record and certificates anti-doping that they did not throw any substance in their organism.

“The boy and the newborn are in danger since they were sent to Caimede, a shelter that has reports of sexual abuse against minors,” added the tiktoker.

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outrageous case

sofcasillas, tiktoker openly lesbian on this social video network, explained that she decided to lend her voice to denounce the case, because found it outrageous and alarming that for being a woman lesbian in Mexico, you can suffer this type of human rights violations and they remain in impunity.

The young user of social networks added that since 2018, in Article 11 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, any type of family structure is recognized as valid, including single-parent ones, regardless of the sexual orientation of the father or mother.

“I want to call on the entire LGBT community to make a lot of noise and make this case visible,” he stressed.

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