Tilde de Paula gets reinforcements in After five – showcases the newcomer to the gang

Now the After five gang gets a little extra help on the trot!

Here are the profiles in “After five”

After the commercial: Here are the profiles in “After five”


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After five, in recent years it has become one of the Swedes’ favorite programs, thanks in large part to the eminent presenters Tilde de Paula Eby, Anna Brolin, Henrik Alsterdal, Axel Pileby and Maximillian Artell.

But there are many times that viewers have recently been wondering why someone has been missing all along. Yes, there have been both vacations mixed with other jobs that made one of the five shine with their absence during certain periods.

But now they’re all back in the box – and they’ve also received reinforcements!

Tilde de Paula and Anna Brolin’s absence in After Five

Working with a current affairs program like After Five does not seem to be the easiest of jobs. A lot of preparation is required for the broadcasts where anything can still happen. It is broadcast live and sometimes things happen that cannot be predicted, such as technical problems or someone getting sick or injured.

Luckily, the professional presenters Tilde and Anna are responsible for different days, with their equally professional colleagues Axel, Henrik and Maximillian. Therefore, they can back each other up in the event of unpredictable events.

But for a long time, Anna was away as she was busy recording Farmen, and soon after that Tilde was fully focused on the election – luckily, the Efter fem gang made it all the way. But after all, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help.

After the gang of five’s new “colleague”

The end of summer doesn’t just mean a return to work, for many it also means a return to school, and for some a kind of mix of both. Yes, now there are many students who are starting their prao – and Julia is now doing it at Efter fem!

“Wow, what a gang! Today, tonight’s trio is reinforced by our former student Julia!”, the gang writes on Efter fem’s Instagram account.


Photo: TT, Instagram

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