Tilde de Paula’s sharp marking against Axel Pileby – the crack the viewers don’t get to see

Everything is not always as it seems in the TV box.

6 things you didn’t know about Tilde de Paula Eby!

After the commercial: 6 things you didn’t know about Tilde de Paula Eby!


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Tilde de Paula is one of the five presenter professionals in Efter fem. Together with Anna Brolin, Axel Pileby, Maximilian Artell and Henrik Alsterdal, she has led the current affairs program to great success.

Today, both Efter fem and the profiles in the program are many Swedes’ favorites in the box. But there is also a lot that viewers don’t get to see.

So, what’s it really like when the cameras are off? Now the split between Tilde and Axel is revealed.

TV4’s decision for After five

TV4 has come up with a new segment where on their website they show how the presenters prepare for a broadcast, at the same time they get to answer questions that many may have thought about.

“You viewers are used to seeing our presenters in Efter fem in front of the camera – but from now on you’ll get to follow behind the scenes! Today we hung out with Tilde de Paula Eby in the make-up.

What makes our host nervous? Which colleague has she become angry with? Can Tilde handle a broadcast without a script? And who is the dream guest?”, writes TV4 on Facebook.

Tilde de Paula’s marking against Axel Pileby

In the latest the video which is also the first, viewers get to see Tilde answer “five quick”, while she sits in the make-up. There she talks about an incident with Axel that created friction.

The question reads:

“When were you grumpy with your fellow presenters?”

– It has never happened!, she answers a bit jokingly at first, but continues:

– No, but, Anna, Henrik, Max, Axel… No, I haven’t been grumpy with them. Or, the only time I’ve been grumpy with Axel it was when he.. he can sometimes be a bit self-critical, and then I’ve actually told him that “Now you actually have to stop! We broadcast live for two hours every day!”

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