Tilsa Lozano gets married TODAY: This is how the love story of the “ex-avenger” with Jackson Mora began

IT WILL BE A LADY. Tilsa Lozano Y jackson mora They get married this Friday after three years of a solid relationship, despite the fact that she belongs to the world of television, while he belongs to sports. The boxer decided to ask the ex-partner of ‘Loco’ Vargas for her hand in October 2021 and a year later they will say yes at the altar.

‘Magaly TV La Firme’ recapitulated the love story of the ‘exvenger’ and the fighter. Both began their relationship at the end of 2019 in the middle of luxury trips to miamifashionable hotels and very expensive details.

However, like any love story in Chollywood, it had some controversy, well, one of the main detractors of Tilsa herself. Both have not hesitated, in all the opportunities they have had, to take their clothes off in the air.

Even in the middle of a relationship with Tilsa, Jackson Mora wrote to his ex-partner again by answering a story on Instagram. “Those kilos have been good for you. How are you?”, However, this was not an effect so that the relationship of the “ex-avenger” faltered. Additional to this, the boxer was caught with another young woman in his vehiclebut there it was all.

“, your dedication, your support and for being who you are with your defects and virtues. Happy three years, love. I love you ”, was the dedication that Jackson dedicated to Tilsa for her third anniversary.

In this way, the couple gets married after a romance that, like any couple, has gone through ups and downs.

Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora will get married on Friday, November 25.  (Photo: @tilsa_lozano).

Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Mora will get married on Friday, November 25. (Photo: @tilsa_lozano).

The name of Jackson Mora became popular for having had a fleeting relationship with the model Olinda Castañeda, a television enemy of Tilsa Lozano. However, the professional fighter was already a known face in the field of sports as ‘El Terco’, since he belongs to the Final Fight Championship (FFC), a company dedicated to the promotion of fighting sports.

The fighter has been crowned champion on more than one occasion and currently stopped fighting to become the president of the FFC Peru promotion.

According to Jackson Mora on social networks, . The professional fighter has confessed on more than one occasion that the former “Avenger” was her “platonic love” and when they had the opportunity to talk, he fell in love with her even more and did everything possible to win her heart from Lozano.

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