Tim Cook reflects on the reasons behind the new iPhone and Mac self-service repair program

On the occasion of the inauguration of a new Apple Store in Los Angeles, Tim Cook answered questions from a local journalist, in particular on the brand new repair program which will be open to all from the beginning of the year. next in the United States, and soon in other countries, including France.

According to Tim Cook, the motivation behind this program – moreover welcomed by iFixit – would have arisen from an observation. Some of the iPhone users who would like to repair their devices themselves are given the proper training to do so.

“There is a crowd of fans of Popular Mechanics (in reference to an illustrious American technical and scientific journal, which explains to its readers how the world and technology works, Editor’s note), if you will, that I adore and that I have followed all my life. It is a pleasure to make available the manuals, and the components, to allow these people to [réparer leurs appareils]. », explains the boss of Apple.

Of course, he specifies that for those who do not feel like doing it, it is always possible to go to an Apple Store, to have someone do it for them. “It will always be the best way, maybe, for most people”, met -il and perspective. “But if you are a technician, then go for it, because you can do it yourself”.

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This program, which will make more than 200 parts available to users who would like to purchase them, along with a few tools, and detailed manuals, will be based on a website and a third-party operator that Apple has not yet given any information on. detail.

The Cupertino giant recently indicated that it had been working for more than a year on the implementation of this program, without giving any real justification for this announcement, or the timing of this announcement.

However, activist shareholder groups believe the timing is not innocent. Last September, these shareholders, concerned about the environment and the right to repair, in fact filed a request for Apple to review its position on independent repairers. However, Apple had until Wednesday, November 17, the very day of the announcement of the program, to make a return to its shareholders before the SEC is seized.

Annalisa Tarizzo, a lawyer for Green Century, one of the funds that filed the resolution in September, believes that “The timing is definitely not a coincidence. “ But this activist fund is nonetheless satisfied since it has withdrawn its motion, which asked Apple to reverse its anti-repair practices.

What did not seem won last October, when Apple asked the SEC to reject this resolution. Because his work was already underway? Because Apple was hoping to find another way? Impossible to say, but the main thing is that the choice of individual redress now exists. Even if we do not imagine ordinary individuals seizing this possibility. This will at least allow skillful hackers to help their loved ones… or to set up an activity in their spare time.

Sources : MacRumors, The Verge

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