"Tinder for dogs" Awarded at apprentice hackathon

© Photo by Kojirou Sasaki on Unsplash

38 apprentices from ten companies developed app projects in an online hackathon. The Miro Board was used as a planning tool and Thunkable was the app development tool. Well were from the education provider DaVinci Lab and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce the Winner projects chosen.

The winners

In the category “Professionals“Won one App for dog breeders. With Pawtner stud dogs are to be searched for and found, a kind of “Tinder for dogs”. Riccarda Maria Stolz and Lukas Subr, both in their first year of apprenticeship, are training in IT systems technology.

In the category “Rookies“Won an app for Preparation of the final apprenticeship examination should serve. It is a game of skill based on Super Mario combined with a knowledge quiz. The app was developed by Sanela Iseinoska and Dominic Toprak, both in their second year of training.

In the category “Experts“Was called an app Company Explorer excellent. This is a dictionary for vocabulary used in-house so that new employees can become familiar with the company language. Markus Kohlmeyer and Christoph Auer, both in their third year of training, are being trained in application development.

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