Tinder owners Match Group and Google agree temporarily

We remember: Tinder owner Match Group had filed a lawsuit against Google in the USA. Reason for this: Google only allowed Spotify in the test for its own payment system.

The Match Group also claimed that Google lured and misled developers when it came to the payment services. “Once Google monopolized the market for distributing Android apps with Google Play by riding on the backs of the most popular app developers, it tried to ban alternative in-app payment processing services to get a share of almost every in- Get app transaction on android.

Now a kind of truce. Match Group announced today that it has withdrawn its request for an injunction against Google after Google made various concessions that Match Group had requested to benefit consumers.

These include ensuring that match group apps are allowed to continue offering users a choice of payment systems, reducing the undue burden on developers of the previously stated policy, and removing Google’s full control over user data. In return for withdrawing the injunction, Google also made the following concessions:

Match Group apps will not be disapproved or removed from the Google Play Store for offering alternatives to Google Play billing.

Google will allow updates to match group apps that offer alternatives to Google Play Billing to continue giving users the choices and choices they’ve grown accustomed to.

Google will work – in good faith – to here fix the deficiencies of Google Play Billing described above. If Google fixes these issues, Match Group’s apps, which currently do not offer Google Play billing, will, in good faith, test Google’s system on their platforms alongside current payment systems.

As part of this agreement, Match Group also plans to put up to $40 million in escrow instead of paying Google directly for billing transactions that take place on Android outside of Google Play Billing.

Match Group alleges that the fees Google charges for payments outside of Google Play Billing are illegal under federal and state law. No other app or product in the Google Play Store currently pays Google for transactions that occur outside of Google Play billing.

However, due to Google’s complete monopoly control over the Android app distribution ecosystem, Match Group has agreed to hold the funds in escrow and maintain the status quo of Match Group’s apps on the Google Play Store until the court ruled on March 9 May hear and resolve lawsuits filed against Google alleging violations of federal and California antitrust laws.

Both Match Group and Google may terminate this Agreement, but Match Group retains the option to resubmit its request for an injunction if it should do so. The hearing is currently scheduled for April 2023.

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