Tinkering for the Mac: iPhone camera mount and AirDrop via Notch

A resourceful Mac user made a virtue out of necessity and simply produced a missing accessory himself with the 3D printer. He made the files available online to anyone interested. Another has turned the notch on the larger MacBook Pro models, which was controversial when it was first introduced by some users, into a storage area for AirDrop files.

Jonathan Wright gives a special treat to brave people who install macOS Ventura in the first or a subsequent beta version. With the improved continuity feature, it will be possible from autumn to convert an iPhone into a high-resolution webcam. This already works today with apps that are available in the App Store. What is still missing are the appropriate accessories for hanging the smartphone on the monitor or notebook lid. These will certainly be published in good time by some manufacturers. However, if you don’t want to wait that long or would like a special mount, you can easily make it yourself with a 3D printer. Wright has the necessary files at printables and in a Github account made available for download.

Meanwhile, Ian Keen has a clever idea for the notch on the larger MacBook Pros and the new MacBook Air. The cutout at the top of the screen is necessary for the notebook’s camera. Apple has omitted the area in macOS in the menu bar. Keen has now programmed a small tool that turns the notch into a virtual drop zone. The whole thing looks good even on Macs without a notch, as he shows in another video. If you drag files there with the mouse, the AirDrop function starts to send the files to other Apple devices. The shimmering of the area also gives the notch an unusual shine. Normally, AirDrop requires users to open a share menu and use the corresponding section in the Finder.

Unfortunately, the Keen app is not yet available for download or in the Mac App Store. However, he announced a beta version via the Apple distribution function Testflight.

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