Tips to eliminate intestinal gas

In addition to having a healthy lifestyle and taking care of our diet, there are natural options to combat intestinal gas.

When excess air accumulates in our stomach, intestinal gas or flatulence is produced, which can be annoying, painful and even cause nausea. It generally occurs when we overeat or food very spicy or excessively greasy.

Therefore, in addition to having a healthy lifestyle and taking care of our diet, there are natural options to combat intestinal gas, according to the publication Levante. Remember that medical consultation will always be important before consuming them, especially if you have constant stomach problems.

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Here are some options:

Chamomile tea

Chamomile is a great ally of liver health because it helps stimulate the expulsion of bile from the gallbladder. Image: Pixabay

It helps to relax the stomach and facilitates the digestion process. It is recommended to take it before and after eating.

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Anise infusion

Anise, cumin, oregano, chamomile and rosemary are part of the plants and fruits used in infusions or tea.

Ideal to end pain and can be taken daily. Water is boiled in a cup with low flame and anise powder is added. When ready, let it rest for about three minutes and drink.

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Lemon juice

It is suggested to drink it before and after each meal, especially at lunch and dinner. Remember make a medical consultation beforehand if you have any stomach ailments.

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There are those who consume raw garlic on an empty stomach to improve various ailments. Image: Pixabay

You can eat it alone or with other foods, the important thing is that it is fresh. Helps improve digestion.

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With ginger powder you can make infusions. Photo: Pixabay

Take it as a tea or a tablespoon of grated ginger before meals. You can also add it to other foods.

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Apple cider vinegar and honey

It is made up of natural ingredients and is long-lasting.

Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two of honey to a glass of water, drink little by little during lunch or dinner. This drink regulates stomach acids and facilitates digestion. (I)

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