Tips to free yourself from the ‘can’t’ that go through your mind

At some point in our lives we have all had a kind of little voice in our heads that tells us: “You can not do it”. And we must not feel bad about listening to it, but we must identify when it appears to begin to free ourselves from it.

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This voice appears when we are living a stage of stress, insecurity or low self-esteem. We should not let it take over us because it damages our mental health“, Explain the psychotherapist of the International Clinic, Liliana Tuñoque.

In addition, the expert gives us some tips to put into practice to fight the ‘I can’t’:

➜ Think positive. Remember that with effort and sacrifice you can achieve your goals.

➜ Ask yourself before limiting yourself. For example, if you say: “I can’t pass the course” … Why can’t I pass it? Am I not going to study? There you will realize that if you study, everything will be fine.

➜ Analyze if your fear it has a real basis or it is an assumption.

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➜ You motivate. Setting real goals and objectives will help you gain confidence in your abilities.

➜ Congratulate yourself. When you achieve or exceed something that you had planned, congratulate yourself and reinforce your self-esteem. Never minimize your achievements.

What’s more remember there will be situations where things will not turn out as you expect, but you should not be discouraged. Reframe your strategy to achieve what you have in mind.

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One of the first and probably the most difficult achievements in the independence process is moving out of the family home. Living alone is a very important challenge, and in order not to fail in the attempt it is essential to be organized.

It is quite common that initially there is only a minibar or a refrigerator small, but both appliances are very efficient for single and independent people. Clarita Fernández, a specialist at Libero, a refrigeration brand, explains to us how we can optimize the spaces of this equipment and what foods should not be missing at any time.

1. Meats:

Whether they are red or white meats, they must be included in a balanced diet. A very practical alternative is to opt for precooked and frozen meats, which can be safely stored in the freezer compartment of a minibar. Eggs: This food is one of the most complete from a nutritional point of view and is another essential in the house of a single person.


2. Vegetables and fruits:

It is recommended to store clean and chopped fruits and vegetables, in different containers that allow easy organization, this will help us save space in the refrigerator and we can keep them ready to prepare juices and / or salads.

3. Pasta and dressings:

Having pasta and dressings is basic, since they will be the starting point for more elaborate recipes.

4. Cheeses and sausages:

They are a fast and delicious alternative for breakfast and snacks at all times. In the same way, they will serve us to present a nice table of snacks when receiving visitors.

5. Drinks of all kinds:

The life of a single person is always very social, so we must also be prepared to receive friends with beers and / or soft drinks that can be stored both inside or on the door of the refrigerator or minibar.

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