Tips to hydrate properly in summer

Summer is getting closer and closer, a time when the heat is intense and we need to hydrate properly because we lose water as a result of sweating. However, whatever the season the hydration It must be constant to keep our physical health balanced.

This is how he explains it, , graduated in in an interview for the group Trade, who notes that hydration is essential for the proper functioning of our body. He assures that we all must hydrate throughout the day, but that the amounts of liquid will depend on each individual.

Important facts about hydration

  • Be clear that when thirst appears, the body is not hydrated.
  • Not only water contributes to the hydration of the day, whether in summer or winter. Other liquids that we drink also contribute, but water is the best element to keep us well hydrated.
  • Overhydration can lead to decompensation in your body. Carrying water in a bottle throughout the day is a good idea, however drinking too much liquid is also counterproductive. “There are people who take this habit (of drinking a lot of water) to avoid eating and losing weight. When we blur the objective of drinking water we fall into mistakes“, need.
A healthy body alerts us to dehydration by making us feel thirsty. (Photo: Getty)

How much water should we drink?

It is estimated that people require between six to eight glasses of water a day, but it is not an exact rule, says Sara Abu Sabbah. “There are people who may require a little more fluid if they play sports or are in a hot climate. Another way to estimate the amount of water we need is: about 30 milliliters of water per kilo of weight”, It indicates.

We can also tell if we need more hydration with the color of the urine. “The urine should be slightly cloudy, it should not appear clear or dark. Be careful that the first urine of the day is more concentrated because we have spent the whole night without hydrating”Says the nutritionist.

Convenient ways to drink water

  • Each meal time can be accompanied with one or two glasses of water. If you are one of those who have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, then you can have one or two glasses of liquid accompanying each main meal. It is advisable to give preference to water or infusions without sugar. It also counts coffee and milk.
  • Fruit juices can count as liquids, but ideally eat them whole. If you eventually had an orange juice, you can consider it as the liquid of the day as well.
  • When should we drink water, before or after each meal? The specialist points out that it is indistinct. A schedule should only be applied to children with appetite problems or older adults with any pathology.
(Photo: iStock)
(Photo: iStock)

What happens if we don’t hydrate?

Sara Abu Sabbah states that the greatest risk is entering a dehydration process, which generates a very large imbalance in the organism. “Let us remember that each of the cells in our body carries water. Our blood is also made up of water”, Explains the specialist

One can live a week without eating, however, human beings cannot endure days without water. Three days without hydration can cause death. You have to stay hydrated. If one is already in a dehydration process, the water contributes to replenish the fluid, however, it does not rehydrate the person completely, they will need rehydrating drinks such as serums to recover, since when dehydrating we lose not only water but also electrolytes”, Says the nutritionist.

Benefits of drinking water

Abu Sabbah reminds us that the main benefit is that water keeps the body in balance and in optimal function. “We talk about the mental and physical processes … We are like a raisin that without water begins to dry out, the skin needs liquid … Even water helps to have a good intestinal function, if you do not drink water we become constipated”, The specialist pointed out.

Goodbye constipation!  The consumption of papaya, both in juice and in pieces or shake, stimulates the intestinal movement, due to its high fiber content.  (Photo: Shutterstock)
Goodbye constipation! The consumption of papaya, both in juice and in pieces or shake, stimulates the intestinal movement, due to its high fiber content. (Photo: Shutterstock)


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