To have extraordinary make-up and look younger, this is the new trend

Every day the routine leads us to do the same things over and over, including those that manage to make us feel beautiful. Make-up is one of these moments that every woman allows herself, even for just 5 minutes, to feel beautiful and attractive.

In some cases, putting on make-up relaxes and being able to bring a little creativity to personalize the make-up is something magical, unique and very personal. There are many Hollywood stars who have launched a new trend for extraordinary make-up that makes you look even younger, with a touch of color and frivolity.

How to create a particular and sought-after make-up among the stars in 5 minutes

Making up doesn’t have to be a commitment that should make us feel socially accepted. But it should be considered as an extra gear that creates confidence and defines the features of the face. A good make-up can also tinge the day with positivity, feeling beautiful and pleasant. And it is precisely in these cases that the mood changes positively in the face of the safety and beauty that shines through.

The idea is precisely to focus on the gaze, making it hypnotic and profound. In many cases, the first thing that comes to mind is eyeliner, a good mascara and the light and dark effect blended with a brush.

Here, this concerns some past standards even a bit of fashion. In fact, today the idea of ​​eye makeup has evolved. Just as in everyday life you have to adapt and change bringing improvements. Even in the make-up the classic eyeliner it has been transformed into a graphic and bold idea, which must be customized as you see fit.

In fact, this colored line can follow the shape of the eye creating small graphic illusions looking even younger.

To have extraordinary make-up and look younger, this is the new trend

As just mentioned, eyeliner is back in fashion. Not with the usual line with the final tail that lengthens the look, but with graphic and colored lines that can make you look even younger.

In these cases, all that remains is to do a classic base of the face with the 5 steps to obtain a visibly smooth skin as silk and proceed by focusing on the eyes. After applying a neutral eyeshadow base such as a powder pink or a very light and shaded tiffany, you can proceed to apply the eyeliner.

Following the line of the eyebrows, immediately after, in the eyelid arch, apply a line of colored and decisive eyeliner that draws the arch up to the end of the outer corner. Finally, make a tail in the lower eyelid immediately after the lashes to lengthen the look and apply a curling mascara.

Some American stars have already shown this new way of putting on make-up, among them the exceptional and very famous Lady Gaga. Other stars are model Gigi Hadid, actress singer and dancer Vanessa Hudgens and Doja Cat a singer and record producer.


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