To put a lock on the goal: The alternatives that Colo Colo has for 2023

Colo Colo is not only thinking about what will be the dispute for the trophy in the National Championship, but he is also beginning to look askance at next year where the first names are already appearing in the goal.

© Agency One/Getty ImagesThe alternatives that Colo Colo has in goal for 2023.

Colo Colo wants to give everything in his power to get the champions trophy in the National Championship during this 2022. The Cacique is one step away from being able to claim champion in Chilean soccer, which is why in the match against Catholic University he can add his 33rd star despite the fact that he has to wait for other results.

The dependence does not only fall on the team of Gustavo Quinteros, for which they must contemplate that Ñublense and Curicó Unido do not win their respective matches on the next date that the national tournament will have so that the alba squad can add a new title in front of its public in the Monument Stadium.

However, the mentality of the coach and the leadership is not only focused on what these next matches will be, but they also begin to plan what will be the makeup of the campus for the following year and where some names have already begun to emerge in this regard to add to the transfer market.

It is that in the goal the eyes are on the Cacique to be able to add a reinforcement. It is important to consider that first of all there is the possibility that Brayan Cortés could leave for European football in the next market. as one of the main wishes of the national goalkeeper.

Due to this situation, the possibility arose that Gabriel Arias could land in the arch of the Cacique coming from Racing Clubdespite the fact that at the moment, it is a possibility and there is no negotiation regarding the future of the goalkeeper of the Chilean National Team.

However, as DaleAlbo was able to find out, the leadership of Blanco y Negro is looking for the formula to be able to add a good second goalkeeper, who can compete with Cortés in case he does not go to foreign soccer. That is where in the last hours the name of Ignacio González appeared, who is currently the goalkeeper of Deportes Antofagasta.

The goalkeeper trained in Colo Colo could return to the institution as one of the possible names to reinforce the squad for next year and that in the middle of the year he already had the possibility of making his return to the Pedrero casttaking into account that we also wait for the output of Omar Carabali on loan to add minutes, a situation that could add to Julio Fierro.

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