To win Colombia! Results to climb to third place in the table

The Colombia selection it was barely in the direct classification zone Qatar 2022 on dates 1 and 2. The remainder fell below the Fifth place until the course was resumed with Reinaldo Rueda. The team has been staying in fifth place and if the Playoffs at this time the Tricolor would play the repechage.

Today Rueda’s team has a unbeatable opportunity to climb in the leaderboard. The first thing is that to enforce the draws against Uruguay and Brazil must beat today Ecuador. The game will start at 4:00 pm In Barranquilla.

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To get the victory, Colombia would reach 18 points and automatically surpasses Ecuador who is 16 and is third. The first place is for Brazil with 28 units followed by Argentina with 22. Above the Tricolor is also Uruguay with 16. The ‘Charruas visit Brazil and with a draw or a defeat, Colombia would also surpass them.

Behind Colombia, which has 15 points, is Paraguay with 12 and they visit the difficult height of La Paz. Rueda and his players have all served to be third and make more difference to other teams that on paper have more complicated matches.

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