Toby’s notes: Solari is figure

Colo Colo obtained an important victory against Universidad de Chile in version 190 of the Chilean soccer Superclásico. The popular cast was vastly superior, showing great collective performance and great performance in their main individualities. Situation that was highlighted by the former World Cup player, Marcelo Vega.

As usual, Toby rated the Cacique players in the program We are all technicians of TNT Sports, where he surrendered to the performance of the albos, who got the best marks of the day.

The best rating was received by Pablo Solari, with an outstanding performance on the left wing, who received a 6.7 as a note: “He was the best on the field and people also chose him as the figure”, Toby expressed ”.

Another of the highlights was Gabriel Costa with a 6.5 who also received from Vega. “The change he has had, because he was a scorer in Peru and now he is in the midfield, he faces, he passes players”, highlighted Vega.

The last to be evaluated was the Uruguayan Maximiliano Falcón, whom he evaluated with a 6.3. “He played well, they didn’t take him in speed, he won all the centers and he was good on the mark. Larrivey, even though he didn’t get much, was not seen. For what little they did reach him, he was very good”, Hill.

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