Today, 2proverbs2

I’ll tell you the first one, which is German:

1.- “The dwarf sees giants everywhere.”

Now the next one, which is Arabic:

2.- “Advise the ignorant; he will take you for his enemy ”.

1.- My grandfather, on my father’s side, was German. Having been born in the Polish Gdansk, upon emigrating to the United States due to the Nazi persecution of the Jews, he changed his surname and the Teuton Heron returned it to its equivalent in Spanish, Garza.

Incredibly, there were more Reich spies in Coahuila’s Piedras Negras than in Texas’s Eagle Pass.

Hence the first saying.

2.- Here the reference to the second: I am married to a woman who was born in the United States and is of Lebanese origin.

And even if they wanted to, their grandparents had no need to make their surnames Castilian, because Kalifa and Kaún cannot be removed with soap or water, according to Pinpon.

Now with you, the reason for bringing up two sayings:

1.- I think we have a president and therefore a government, who hide their inferiority complexes in their dwarfed intellectual sizes.

They magnify their neighbor to the north by lasciviously flirting with the Caribbean and southern eunuchs, and they want to make us pass themselves off as giants of a democracy that only exists in hydrocephalus that cultivates water and nothing else in the heads of those three who witnessed the parade September 16.

2.- I don’t usually give advice. I did not give them no to my children, because I think that to make a mistake, no one needs them.

Small note to refer to the Arabic proverb in advance.

Now yes: if someone tries to advise the president, take care, because he will be branded as an enemy, thanks to his conviction that whoever is not with him is against him.

Only someone’s ignorance can turn their critics and opponents into adversaries, not with weapons, but with ideas.

Hence the polarization that exists today in Mexico:

In this corner, those who support the 4T, and in the other, the critics who, because they are, are classified as enemies or adversaries.

Dwarfism and ignorance.

Those are the evils of the government, which a 4th part of Mexicans enthroned last July three years ago.


“Adored language that you have to say poetically what we suffer pathetically,” says the irreverent of my Gaby.


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