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In 2018, Anne Rimmen and Ailo Gaup bought a villa on Tåsen for NOK 20 million. Already during the takeover of the home, problems arose, according to the celebrity couple.

In court, the couple claimed on Tuesday that the villa was not close to the standard they were predicted before making the purchase.

Today, the court will go through procedures and close the case.

The trial was held at home

On Wednesday, the trial took place at the home of the celebrity couple, in the home on Tåsen. The lawyer representing the couple said that they were going to inspect the home together with experts.

The lawyer told Good evening Norway that the celebrity couple did not want to have the media present during the inspection, but told this in court on Thursday:

– We had a good review of the case yesterday on the property. We perceived that the expert agreed with the injury picture. The disagreements were about what necessary improvements are, the lawyer claims.

Given incorrect drainage information

Furthermore, he claims that the drainage is one of the biggest circumstances in this case, and that it was not improved as the couple was informed.

– The drainage should have lasted for at least another 50 years. But almost nothing was done with the drainage. It turned out that it was an 80-year-old drainage that was lying there, the lawyer says.

The error in the drainage must be one of the causes of the major moisture problems that have been discovered at the home. According to the lawyer, drainage is one of the biggest expenses you can get for a home.

Furthermore, he claims this is information the seller must have known, but has failed to disclose. He also claims that the seller has been in conversation with experts about just this.

The seller will give his explanation later. Neither the seller nor the celebrity couple have wanted to comment on the case to Good evening Norway yet.

Requires over two million

According to Rimmen and Gaup, they have used countless resources and money in an attempt to correct faults and deficiencies in the home.

The celebrity couple told the court that they have uncovered extensive mold problems, moisture damage, salt damage, rot damage and findings of asbestos, to name a few.

According to Large Norwegian encyclopedia Inhalation of asbestos dust is hazardous to health and has been banned in Norway since 1985 due to an increased risk of developing cancer.

The repair costs the couple has documented will total well over two million kroner. In addition, they demand NOK 500,000 for what they believe is lost rental income.

Be in tears

– If you had all the information available about faults and defects in the home, would a purchase have been relevant ?, asked the lawyer Gaup.

“No,” replied Gaup.

– How has it been to stand in this process?

“Everyone can imagine that,” said Gaup, who was clearly affected by the situation and in tears.

Seller disagrees

During the trial, the seller was asked by his lawyer what he thought of being accused of withholding information about faults and defects in the home.

– It has not been pleasant, and it has been long lasting. I feel one takes a full renovation of a house, and tries to send the bill, said the seller.

– There has been a lot of work from Gaup and Rimmen, and I see that. But I have not withheld information, he continues.

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