Today is Homer Simpson’s birthday.

The characters of the series The Simpsonsthe longest in the history of television, remain unchanged in their ages. That is one of the precepts of its creator, Matt Groeningand that the scriptwriters handle from the beginning, at the end of the 80s, to the present.

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For this reason, Homer says that he is between 38 and 39 years old, depending on the chapters. But there is an episode that unexpectedly shows your driver’s license and, there, nothing less than your date of birth: May 12, 1956. Sure, that date was logical for the beginning of the series, but today they would show him somewhat aged: I would be 66 years old. An age in which he would already be more to enjoy the grandchildren than, as usual, suffer with Bart’s escapades.

Homer Simpson’s birthday was replicated on Twitter with the hashtag “homer simpson birthday”, with various posts, including “I always remember a friend’s birthday because it’s the same day as Homer’s” (tucá[email protected]). There were several who proposed marathoning with the series, as a tribute. Others challenge to put the best phrase of the father of the Springfield family.

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