Tok-ate: Free breast and cervical cancer screenings will be done

A timely cancer screening saves lives. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 85% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed in the advanced stage and only 15% in the early stage. This figure could rise, due to the fear of contagion from Covid19 and the doubt about the care protocols during the quarantine, which only between March and August of this year, generated that 58% of cancer patients will stop receiving medical attention.

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In this sense, Plaza Lima Sur, for the fourth consecutive year, joins the efforts of La Liga Contra el Cáncer to prevent this disease and launches Tok-ate, an initiative that offers the possibility of free screening for early detection of cancer of breast and cervix. To do this, from October 18 to 23 at the Shopping Center located in Chorrillos, a Mobile Unit specialized in screening will be set up so that more women can access a clinical check-up. The hours to attend are Monday through Friday from 10.30 am to 4 pm, and Saturdays from 10.30 am to 1 pm

Damary Milla, manager of the League Against Cancer, highlights the importance of cancer prevention through clinical screening. “Cancer is a disease that progresses silently and continues to cause deaths. In Peru, about 7 thousand new cases of cancer of breast and 5 women die daily every year, being one of the highest figures in Latin America.

“At Plaza Lima Sur we know that cancer is a reality from which we are not free. For this reason, with Tok-ate we want to raise awareness about the importance of protecting ourselves and encouraging more women to get an early check-up. We are all multiplying agents of the cancer prevention message, ”said Marcela Ramírez, Marketing Manager at Cencosud Shopping Peru.

In addition to the screenings, from October 15 to 17 and from October 22 to 24 (from 4 to 8 pm), Plaza Lima Sur will raffle 80 mammograms for its clients. Those interested may participate by registering at the shopping center. To learn more about Tok-ate and the dynamics of the draw, you can enter

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