Tokyo game show 2022 (tgs) – Bandai Namco offers gameplay preview of Tales of Symphonia remaster

The extract is captured on the show and not translated into English, but at least allows you to see that the graphic arrangements of this remaster of Tales of Symphonia seem modest, visibly well worn since Chronicles Compilationthe version released on PS3 in 2013. Nearly 20 years after its initial release on GameCube, we see here that the traits of the characters have been refined, especially Lloyd Irving, the protagonist.

Side gameplay, this re-release will add the ability to skip cutscenes, for players who already know the game, all with a stabilized framerate. The video first shows only a few minutes on PlayStation 4, before stealthily switching to the Switch in nomadic version. PS4 previews are 38-44 minutes then on Switch 45-46 minutes. See the final version when it comes out next year.

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