Tolisso’s false start in Lyon: Time and patience required

Corentin Tolisso was a total disappointment in Olympique Lyon’s 1-0 defeat by Paris St Germain. The Frenchman had to vacate his place for Johann Lepenant (19) at half-time. The midfielder wanted to attack again at his youth club after five disappointing years at FC Bayern Munich. Especially with regard to this year’s Winter World Cup in Qatar, Tolisso wanted to play himself back into focus to keep his chance of a nomination.

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Hardly any presence

The French midfielder looks like a ghost on the pitch at times. Hardly any aggressiveness and physical presence in the game of the 28-year-old. And there are no ideas going forward either. Although Tolisso has not been able to appear often for Bayern in recent years, he at least brought a certain goal threat onto the pitch in the few minutes of the game. However, this seems to be completely absent at the moment.

Lyon coach Peter Bosz wasn’t too happy with Tolisso’s performance against PSG: “He has a problem, yes, we’ll see tomorrow.” That’s why the Dutch coach brought in 19-year-old Johann Lepenant at the break, who did a lot better than Tolisso. The young Frenchman was much more energetic, both with and without the ball at his feet.

Everything was done

Tolisso’s bad performances are surprising, since all the general conditions seemed to be optimal. On the one hand, the Frenchman knows the club from earlier times, which is why the familiarization phase should actually be short. In addition, coach Bosz knows that you have to give the 28-year-old time: β€œHe didn’t play and train with us a lot. I’m careful with him. I don’t want him to get hurt. It’s also up to me to manage his playing time. He always wants to give the maximum for the team, it’s an excellent quality. We have to do all this together.” If the expectations of the German record champions were still very high, there is a somewhat more gracious environment in Lyon.

Injury bad luck as a cause?

Since the deficits of the eight are mainly in the physical presence, the long and frequent injuries in the past seem to gnaw at the ex-Munich player more than initially thought. Not only the state of fitness had to suffer again and again, but also the match practice. As a result, Tolisso currently lacks a real sense of the game situation, which in turn causes a certain degree of uncertainty. The French still have a lot of work to do, but Peter Bosz has to be patient and give the midfielder minutes to get back into his rhythm.

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