Tolkien estate ends Lord of the Rings meme coin

To the JRR Token it is now at the collar. the Meme-Coin Alludes directly to the ring poem in the Lord of the Rings novels, in which it is referred to by the creators as “the one token to rule them all”. The website for the token also featured a magician who looked like Gandalf, rings were also visible and the name of the coin with JRR can easily be confused with JRR Tolkien.

That was the administrators of the estate J.R.R. Tolkien now too much and you have taken legal action against the meme crypto currency because of Copyright Infringement. That reports among other things Ars Technica. The World Intellictual Property Organization (WIPO) said the creators of the coin are aware that they are using JRR Tolkien’s works to promote the coin.

Practically no longer usable

The rights to the website of the token and the name JRR Token have been handed over to the estate administrators. They immediately prohibited all activities. Further copyright infringements are also prohibited. According to the creators of the new cryptocurrency, which has now probably died again, “token” is a generic term that sounds similar to “Tolkien”. However, WIPO saw it differently overall. The token can now actually no longer be operated in this form, according to the Ars Technica report.

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