Tom Brady opens up about retirement with Oprah, and ‘Screw’ my crazy Thanksgiving diet

Tom Brady assiduously avoid caffeine, sugar, dairy products, tomatoes, eggplants, even mushrooms… but on Thanksgiving day… shit !!!

Tom et Oprah chatted, but this one was different because it was Tom who was mainly asking the questions. O jumped on Tom’s SiriusXM show, “Let’s Go,” and it was only a matter of time before she took the reins.

Oprah wanted to know what we were thinking… what did Tom eat on Turkey Day… given his aversion to food that causes inflammation.

Tom revealed that Thanksgiving was his cheat day… “This is the only meal where I’m like, ‘Go crazy, let’s go. “

The convo has pivoted towards retirement, and Tom seems to have that in his head. He said to Oprah, “Thanksgiving is to be thankful for, but you only have 4 hours to enjoy it. The practice usually ends around 1 or 2 hours. practice day. Same thing with XMAS. ”

He continued… “I look forward to the time when I’m done playing football, so that I can have this more normal vacation that I had growing up and which was important when family is together. “

The reality … the 44-year-old QB is on a roll, with the Bucs Super Bowl winning this year. He threatened to retire at 45, but sometimes the threats are empty.

Yeah, it was supposedly Tom interviewing Oprah. She is the best.

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