Tom Holland calls Spider-Man triquel “end of franchise”

Performer of the role of Spider-Man Tom Holland named the upcoming triquel about the “end of the franchise” hero.

According to the actor, if new stories about the Spider appear in the future, the versions of familiar characters will differ from the trilogy. “Homecoming”… In this case, the creators will try to take a certain pause and tonal change the upcoming tapes.

At the same time, Holland “does not know” whether such a plan will really become a reality, but on the set “There is no way home” the team really worked like it was a definite end to the story. The main actors were even moved after filming ended.

In addition, the artist really enjoyed working with Alfred Molinawho plays again Doctor Octopus… According to Holland, Molina had to retrain the filming technique in a sense, since this time there was not even a special model of tentacles – only CGI.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” will be released in Russia on December 16 – along with the new interview, a couple of fresh shots of the film also appeared.

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