Tomás Angulo explains why he withdrew a claim of 2 million against Giuliana Rengifo: “He has no money to pay me”

The psychologist Tomás Angulo appeared on the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” and explained his reasons for not suing the singer Giuliana Rengifo, who accused him of trying to go overboard with her in a therapy session 15 years ago.

In conversation with Magaly Medina, the therapist confessed that the statements of the cumbiambera, in “Amor y Fuego”, affected her family and her profession.

“I felt very bad because I have a daughter, my father and my relatives who worried because how many people will believe me or not”, he pointed.

Medina asked Tomás Angulo his reasons for not suing Rengifo and he explained that he felt compassion for the singer after he retracted on his social networks.

“First because I think she will not have money to pay it and second because she retracted and the truth is that I told myself ‘well he did it’ and I could understand something, for a person to invent a lie it must be light or poorly advised”, he sentenced.

Giuliana Rengifo apologized to Tomás Angulo for a possible defamation complaint

Faced with the notarial letter that Tomás Angulo sent him, Giuliana Rengifo had no choice but to retract through a press release. The cumbia singer denied having been harassed by the popular therapist.

In recent days, in the face of statements that I spontaneously and transparently gave during an interview, It has been wrongly maintained in various press media that I have affirmed that I was harassed by Mr. Tomás Angulo Mendoza when he received psychological therapy “, could be read in the statement.

“About, I must clarify that at no time did I claim to have suffered any harassment from the indicated professional, or that he had gone too far during the referred psychological therapy sessions that he gave meGiuliana added.

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