Tomorrow belongs to us in advance: the summary of the episode of Friday August 5 (spoilers)

In tomorrow belongs to uswhile Juliette and Gaspard arrive for the holidays, Cédric is plunged into a coma while the investigation points in a new direction…

Friday, August 5 in tomorrow belongs to us (available on Salto), which will be marked by a robber in a clown mask, a bomb at the police station, an escape from the hospital… William explains to Cédric’s children that their father suffered a head trauma after a shock to the head. It is not certain that he can wake up. Noor also comes to visit Cedric. During the re-enactment, Damien thinks Cedric tripped and hit his head on a rock. As Noor collapses in the hospital, William comforts her while Nicolas listens at the doors. He then offers his help but Noor sends him to graze because he shouldn’t have repeated to the police what he heard.

Tense atmosphere between Gaspard and Juliette

At the station, Tristan welcomes Juliette and Gaspard who arrive from Rennes. Océane has apparently gone on a trip to Australia, which does not seem to delight her brother. Relations seem strained between the mother and her son: he has moved away from his friends and even wants to stop school. He can’t get over the drama of last year.

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Gaspard meets Jack on the beach. They confide in their respective families. Gaspard lies about his father.

Are Roxane’s moods over?

It’s also time for the reception at Bart’s, with Sara and Roxane who come to put down their suitcases but the smell of household products is already bothering her. In the evening, Bart concocted a small quality dinner for them and Roxane loves everything, has her hypersensitivity to smells been resolved?

victory in danger

Georges and Martin question a nursing assistant at the hospital. She is the last to have seen Cédric, she would have surprised him in the rest room panicked: he confided to her that he had to leave urgently because something had happened to his daughter at the straw hut. When questioning the girls, they say they don’t see what they are talking about… In reality, the call received by Cédric came from a prepaid phone. Georges makes the connection with the anonymous call received by Anne-Marie about Victoire: it is the same person who made these calls. But the sender cannot be Paul since he is still in prison.

Finally, Martin thinks that everything points to Victoire and her loved ones. Moreover, while the latter bathes, she is observed.

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