Tomorrow belongs to us in advance: the summary of the episode of Monday, September 26 (spoilers)

In tomorrow belongs to usthe investigation into the attempted homicide of Benjamin Ventura takes a new turn and coincides with the return of Hadrian, Alma’s son.

Monday, September 26 in tomorrow belongs to us (available on Salto) on TF1, Martin reveals to Karim and Sébastien that Dan is not the author of the shot in the stomach of Benjamin, who is in mortal danger. A neighbor of Mathis’s father also clears him: he was at work during the attempted homicide. The prosecutor is flabbergasted. The police were therefore mistaken about the suspect. The police are looking for the weapon that was used in the parking lot.

An embarrassing witness!

At the Roussels, Léo refuses to eat pancakes. The boy seeks explanations after Dan’s arrest. He apologizes for going to Mathis and hopes to remain friends with his buddy. At the police station, Georges found the call of a woman who warned the emergency services for Ventura. Damien will analyze the audio tape. At the hospital, Alma finds Mathieu who has decided to stay in Sète. Sara warns her that police protection is going to be set up in front of her companion’s bedroom door. A surveillance video filmed a stressed boy at the exit of the parking lot who joins the car of Étienne Curtis. Karim and Nordine question the principal about this young man who was panicked and had blood on his right arm. He dropped him off shortly before the hospital. A pharmacist recognized the young man in the hood, he was shot. The police think he is a troublesome witness. A photo of a little boy reaching out to a man was also found.

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Christelle’s doubts about Sylvain

At the hotel, Sylvain wakes up Christelle. She discovers him with his new suit that he bought for a new job. At the Spoon, Christelle talks about her distrust of Charlie, who doesn’t believe it at all. Charlie thinks it’s his anxiety talking. She tries to reassure her. Christelle asks Alex about her husband and his interview for a new job. For his part, Sylvain comes out of an appointment with a woman who is eager to meet Christelle. Alex warns his friend that Christelle is convinced that he has a mistress. Sylvain wants to continue to surprise him: this house will make him happy.

Gabriel is the law firm’s new intern.

At the Spoon, Gabriel drinks a coffee before starting his internship with Maître Perraud. Noor makes fun of him because she finds him too dressed up and perfumed. The boy will take care of the reception, switchboard and mail. Raphaëlle invites him to a parlor. Soraya gives him some file filings and asks him for a long coffee without sugar. Raphaëlle meets Dan, her client, who asks her to get him out of here. The lawyer will try to avoid him the assizes. By analyzing Dan’s file, Gabriel thinks he has found a procedural defect, but he was ultimately wrong. Raphaëlle encourages him in this direction and asks him to stay late at the office.

At the end of the episode, Hadrian appears in the hospital. It’s the man in the hood!

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