“Toni, male, midwife” – bid for original props from the set

Leo Reisinger, aka “baby whisperer” Toni Hasler, is familiar with unwanted pregnancies – but not in his own family!

In the fifth film of “Toni, male, midwife”, he has to help his own daughter Josie with a difficult decision – and shield her from the influence of others. Josie actress Maria Monsorno is in the center of the episode story of the popular series in “Nestflucht”.

For the modern television comedy, director Sibylle Tafel relies on the tempo and puns of the well-rehearsed ensemble. Together with his ex-wife Hanna and his colleague Luise – played by Kathrin von Steinburg and Wolke Hegenbarth – the title hero goes on an entertaining adventure trip.

You can bid for the colorful shirt that Frederic Linkemann (3rd from left) wore in “Toni, male, midwife”Photo: ARD Degeto / Jacqueline Krause-Burberg

The fifth film “Toni, male, midwife – escape from the nest” will be on Friday, October 15, 2021 at 8:15 pm in the first, the sixth episode “Toni, male, midwife – stolen dreams” will be on Friday, October 22, 2021 , broadcast at 8:15 p.m. on Erste.

At the start of the new episodes we now have the eBay charity auction in favor of “A heart for children” a great deal for you. You can bid for a special set prop from the episode “Escape from the Nest” – namely the original shirt from actor Frederic Linkemann. The clothing size is L.

Do not miss this special opportunity on eBay and get the great fan souvenir for the ARD comedy “Toni, male, midwife”.

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Toni, male, midwife – escape from nest – on October 15 at 8:15 p.m. in the first

For midwife Toni Hasler (Leo Reisinger), summer camping holidays are a tradition they have come to love. Chilling out by the lake with the children and his buddy Franzl (Frederic Linkemann) – what could be nicer? Unfortunately, this time unforeseen disturbances spoil his well-deserved rest.

Toni has to go to the police every now and then to trigger his colleague: Luise (Wolke Hegenbarth) stabbed her ex-partner’s car tires because he left her with her baby. And: His 17-year-old daughter Josie (Maria Monsorno) is pregnant! Toni’s ex-wife Hanna (Kathrin von Steinburg) slips her hand during the crisis discussion. Angry, Josie snatches Franzl’s car unnoticed and drives to Luise’s practice with her friend Roxy (Matilda Tafel). However, the gynecologist applies the brakes to the annoyance of teenagers when it comes to abortion.

Toni, male, midwife – Stolen Dreams – on October 22nd at 8:15 pm in the First

Upside down world with Leo Reisinger alias maternity nurse Toni Hasler: He treats himself to an affair with his ex-wife Hanna, who likes to experiment – and at the same time he is considering starting something serious with his previous affair with Luise!

Torn between the two power women – played by Wolke Hegenbarth and Kathrin von Steinburg – the “baby whisperer” has to keep a clear head. His qualities as a good friend are in demand when the young singer Jella is a victim of rape and is reluctant to report a powerful music producer. Antonia Bill and Johannes Allmayer can be seen in episode roles in the sixth film in the popular series “Toni, male, midwife”.

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