Tonight Orgoglio Granata returns for the balance of the first 7 matches of Toro

As always, the appointment with Orgoglio Granata is at 8.30 pm on Grp, with many guests in the studio with Alessandro Costa

Like every Friday (and every Monday) “Orgoglio Granata” returns tonight. Because the weekly appointments with the rotogravure entirely dedicated to the Bull, conceived, written and conducted by Alessandro Costa, have become two. Always from 20.30 to 22.30. Always live and in presence from the studios of Grp Television. Episode, that of tonight, Friday 23 September, which will be dedicated to an assessment of the first 7 games of Toro, with the “pagellone” to understand what are the real prospects of the grenade, at least until the break for the World Cup, waiting for reinforcements on the January market.

Granata pride: tonight’s guests

Among the guests tonight: the grenade flag Natalino Fossati, the journalist of “One Football” Renato Tubere, Lucrezia Maritano, Laura Massobrio, Martina Anna Vannini and Emilia Boseica. More other players-legend of the Bull in connection. For Piedmontese viewers GRP is visible on channel 15 of the television, while for the grenade fans in the rest of the world “Orgoglio Granata” can be seen (with a very clear and clean signal) in streaming on All fans and viewers will be able to intervene in the broadcast expressing their opinions with messages that will be read live.

Pride Grenade

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