Too much love (Canal +): what is this film?

Broadcast tonight on Canal + Cinéma, Trop d’Amour is the first film with a strong autobiographical content by the young actress Frankie Wallach, who skillfully blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction.

Without a doubt, this Too much love is a very unique project. Worn by the young actress Frankie Wallach, seen in particular on television in season 6 of Cherif and in season 7 of Shame on France, this film questions family ties and the duty to remember through a dizzying autofiction. Frankie Wallach therefore plays her own role, that of a young woman, who wants to make a documentary on her 94-year-old grandmother, Julia Wallach, a Holocaust survivor. For this, she decides, first of all, to adapt the book Savannah Bay by Marguerite Duras. But, what looked like the intimate portrait of a bubbly granny quickly becomes something else, when the rest of the family gets involved … Too much love was co-written by Frankie Wallach and Agnès Hurstel, who recently starred in Young and golri, one of the best series of this re-entry 2021. This one also interprets Loli, one of the sisters of the character of Frankie.

Families, I love you too much

This is one of the great merits of the film: mixing professional actors and real members of Frankie Wallach’s family without distorting the project, in the first place his real grandmother and his real father, whose false airs from Jacques Audiard hide a surprising temperament of actor. This way of blurring the real and the fictional, nourished by the director’s own family relationships, is also found in the versatility of the staging, which mixes images shot on the phone with others closer to the form of documentary or reportage. . True nesting film, Too much love is also the hollow portrait of a young woman of her time, between amorous friendship, the pressing need to immortalize reality and the sudden impulse of life. If the themes of transmission and Jewishness run through the entire film, it achieves something universal in its correct description of a family that is alternately warm, brutal or complex.

In the presence of André Manoukian and Valérie Donzelli

Two scenes, however jaw-dropping on paper, underline the modest success of Too much love. First, a dreamlike sequence with the appearance of a massacre game, where suddenly the shadow of David Lynch comes to tickle the red curtains of Grandma Julia. In it, we find, as a tasty wink, the only two “guest-stars” of the film: the composer and host André Manoukian and the actress-director Valérie Donzelli (War is declared). Then, another sequence, which we will not reveal to you to keep the surprise, takes the viewer from worry to relief, from laughter to tears, and vice versa. Selected at the Cabourg Festival and the Champs-Elysées Festival, initially planned for a theatrical release before being purchased by Canal +, Too much love is a multifaceted work, funny and tender, not to be missed.

Too much love, a film to discover on Canal +

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