Too much suffering: The ONE to ONE of the triumph of Colo Colo against Curicó Unido

Brayan Cortes: El Indio was having a quiet game, without any surprises. However, at 53 minutes, he received a shoe from Diego Coelho, which left him without options and he had no responsibility. He showed again that he is in a good moment by stopping a dangerous one-on-one with Oyarzo. Vital.

Oscar Opazo: El Torta showed his usual speed to generate attacks from the right sector. Of course, he did not receive much help from a Pablo Solari who was lower than normal. In the second half, he showed problems in enduring the onslaught of the team from Curica.

Maximilian Falcon: The Wig is still at a high level. He made a Holgado disappear who couldn’t have a good one and he was a little watch to stop the attempts of a Curicó who grew a lot in the second half. He saw his fifth yellow card in the tournament and will miss Colo Colo’s subsequent match. One of the figures.

Emiliano Love: The defender has been in pain for a few games and it shows. While he didn’t make a bad commitment, Amor looked slower than usual in some coverages. However, his good footing is fundamental when the team comes out of the bottom. He stood up well at Colo Colo’s worst moment.

Gabriel Suazo: Cap’s level is outstanding. In his usual defensive deployment, he took advantage of the climbs on the left sector to generate danger. In addition, he ran the field very well to be in a finishing position after Lucero’s good pass and score the second of the match. In the second half he was more concerned with defending, succeeding in his task. The best of the match.

Cesar Fuentes: El Corralero continues to show that it is very important in the Colo Colo scaffolding. He occupied the midfield in a great way and, in addition, he recovered a key ball that would end in Gabriel Suazo’s goal. In the second half, he was greatly overwhelmed by a more populous midfield from Curicó.

Stephen Pavez: Huesi does his job perfectly in the middle and covers the width of the court very well. However, in the second half he had problems with the speed that the local team printed. Perhaps he could have gone out to press in a better way in Curicó’s first goal. He did not play a bad game, but he did not shine as he has accustomed us.

Leonard Gil: A key assist for Lucero’s goal. El Colorado continues to show that, although it is not his natural position, he can perform well in the offensive midfield. However, after a good 25 minutes, he was left behind and was prey to fatigue and inaccuracy. He was replaced at 81.

Paul Solari: El Pibe did not have his best game. He didn’t show his usual intensity, we didn’t try one on one, we didn’t see the speed of him. He was very erratic when deciding. A day that you will want to forget. He came out at 88.

Christian Zavala: The white reinforcement had his great opportunity to show that he can have more opportunities in Colo Colo, and he started with everything. A carrerón was sent to join Gil and Lucero scored the first. He had his first goal at Cacique, but the shot went off the post, leading to Suazo’s goal. After that, he showed desire, but failed to connect in a good way with his teammates. He was replaced after 73 minutes.

John Martin Lucero: The fateful night in Lima was forgotten for the Cat. He showed the great deployment of him as a point man and marked the space very well to score the first at 3 minutes, reaching 5 personal in the tournament. Not content with that, he continues to be supportive and helpful to the team by delivering a wonderful pass to Gabriel Suazo that would finish the Whites second. In the second half he was very alone at the top, so he could not combine with his teammates. He came out at 81.

Marcos Bolados: He entered for an exhausted Cristián Zavala. However, he did not manage to be gravitating and the revulsive that Colo Colo expected.

Carlos Villanueva: Colo Colo was looking to recover the ball and Villanueva’s entry seemed the right one. However, he was never able to find the midfield handle and failed to matter.

Christian Santos: He entered little and nothing in contact with the ball. Little contribution.

Matias Zaldivia: He entered to form a line of five in the background. It helped to withstand curicano attacks.

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