Took shots before the nude scene

Actress Margot Robbie (32) has, like many, experienced a bit of performance anxiety at work, but there are probably very few people who have had to prepare to stand naked in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.

In a recent interview with Independent during this year’s BAFTA awards, the Australian star reveals that she had to drink herself up before the scene in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, where she stands in front of the camera wearing only stockings and high heels.

– I’m not going to lie, I took a couple of tequila shots before that scene because I was so nervous. I was very, very nervous,” Robbie told the Independent.

Unexpected success

The “Wolf of Wall Street” role was Robbie’s big breakthrough. During the film’s filming in 2012, the Australian star was just 22 years old. In the interview, she says that at the time she could never have imagined the success that awaited her.

– Honestly, I know it sounds stupid now, especially considering how big the film was, but then and there I just thought; “Nobody’s going to notice me, so then it doesn’t matter what I do. All the focus will be on Leo anyway,” says Robbie about her role in the film.

Afraid to peak

Since her ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ breakthrough in 2013, Robbie has gone on to great success starring in award-winning films such as ‘I, Tonya’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’.

In a previous interview with Fox News, she spoke about her fear of having reached a peak in her acting career.

– Maybe I’m at the top and that it can’t get any better. I hope not, because I still feel I have a lot to give and there are still many directors I want to work with. I’m going to keep climbing as long as I can,” Robbie told Fox News at the time.

In 2023, fans will see Robbie in the titular role in Greta Gerwig’s long-awaited “Barbie.” At the moment, Robbie is current with “Babylon”.

– He is going to kill me for telling this story

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