Toothpaste in the Stiftung Warentest: 5 protect very well – 4 are "inadequate" and fail mercilessly

  • Expensive always better? Stiftung Warentest tests toothpaste
  • 31 products: 4 Toothpastes fall through – “inadequate”
  • Stiftung Warentest: 5 products rated “very good” excellent
  • Those are them accurate results of the test

Good toothpaste doesn’t have to be expensive. This is the result Stiftung Warentest after examining a total of 31 toothpastes. Five products were rated “very good” by the experts – two of them cost less than 1 euro. Four of the tested toothpastes failed mercilessly and were rated “inadequate”. The reason: there is no fluoride.

Protection against caries in the first place: This is what makes a good toothpaste

The most important function of a toothpaste is that Protection against tooth decay. for is one ingredient central – fluoride. Unfortunately, according to the Stiftung Warentest, not all toothpastes contain this trace element. Four products were therefore due poor caries prophylaxis rated “poor”.

This includes expensive products like these Bioniq repair toothpaste and the “Dental Med Tooth Gel Vitamin B12 fluoride-free” by Sante, which was one of the most expensive products in the test at a price of around 7.95 euros per 100 ml. Besides, they failed “Ajona Medicinal Toothpaste Concentrate” (6.75 euros) and the “Weleda Calendula Toothpaste” (5.65 euros).

The testers also complained that 21 of the 31 toothpastes tested contained the pigment titanium dioxide. They were downgraded by one grade because it is unnecessary for dental care and may damage the genetic material – medical studies have shown that. Many manufacturers color their pastes white with the pigment.

Pastes for sensitive and non-sensitive teeth: These are the 5 test winners

among the test winners were among other things very cheap toothpaste, which the experts attested to be particularly effective. These are the five products that Stiftung Warentest with the grade “very good” were rated:

The test winner at Amazon at a special price: 6 times Oral-B-Professional Pro-Repair extra fresh

  • “Kaufland Bevola” for 0.44 euros (grade: 1.4)
  • “DM Dontodent” for 0.60 euros (grade: 1.5)
  • “Signal Bio” (2.65 euros) (Grade: 1.4)
  • “Meridol gum protection” (4.40 euros) (Grade: 1.3)
  • “Oral-B Professional Pro-Repair Extra fresh” for 5.20 euros (grade: 1.2)

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