Top 10 New Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime in 2021

We love watching good movies – and I’m sure you do too! This time, we are going to list ten productions that are available on Amazon Prime Video to help you choose the movie for your next home cinema session. All productions were recently added to the platform, but they are not necessarily recently released movies – but we promise they are great movies!

The best part is that the works have the most diverse genres, such as drama, comedy, suspense, adventure and action, to please everyone. Among the options there is also a movie for the whole family, all available at Amazon Prime Video.

10 New Movies to Watch in 2021 on Amazon Prime

Ready for the marathon? Don’t forget: prepare the popcorn and let’s go for a session with just the news at home.

1 – Meteor: The Escape

After a meteor collides with the Earth, a lone farmer and a lost girl are fleeing cruel mercenaries.

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Meteor: The Escape

2 – Detective Madeinusa

Madeinusa (Tirullipa) is a clumsy and clueless ex-politician who turns into a detective by chance. When he is finally hired by Neldson (Whindersson Nunes) to unravel an important case, he ends up taking his team on a fun adventure.

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3 – Dangerous Game

Desperate to care for his pregnant wife before a terminal illness can take her life, Dodge Tynes accepts an offer to participate in a deadly game where he soon discovers he’s not the hunter – but the hunted.

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4 – Prank Against the Animal

In the film, sensationalist newspapers begin to report serial murders in the city of Nova Iguaçu, in the lowlands of Rio de Janeiro. With the mission to find the city’s first serial killer, the brutish, stupid and hilarious sergeant-lieutenant-major Peçanha (Antonio Tabet) and his colleagues from the incorrect police station in Nova Iguaçu will not spare unconventional methods to try to hold the job and arrest the Animal. A mission that can cost too much because everyone is suspicious.

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5 – A Second Chance to Love

From director Paul Feig and Academy Award®-winning screenwriter Emma Thompson, this is a loving romantic comedy inspired by an unforgettable song by George Michael. Emilia Clarke stars as Kate, who works as an elf in a Christmas shop. Kate faces an endless tide of bad luck and bad decisions, until she meets Tom, who challenges her disbelieving worldview.

» Watch A Second Chance to Love

a second chance to love

a second chance to love

6 – Minari – In Search of Happiness

Minari takes place in the 1980s. David (Alan S. Kim), a seven-year-old Korean-American boy, faces a new environment and a different way of life when his father, Jacob (Steven Yeun), changes his family from the west coast to the Arkansas countryside. Bored with the new routine, David only begins to adapt with the arrival of his grandmother. Meanwhile, Jacob, determined to create a farm on unexplored soil, risks his finances, his marriage and the stability of his family.

» Watch Minari – In Pursuit of Happiness

Minari - In Search of Happiness

Minari – In Search of Happiness

7 – Bingo Hell

A brave lady fights to protect her beloved neighborhood from an evil force that has taken over the local bingo hall and is killing the villagers in dire ways.

» Assista Bingo Hell

Bingo Hell

Bingo Hell

8 – The Perfect Plan 2

The film follows a band of hooded thieves break into the US central banking system and make everyone hostage there. Burglar Ariella (Roxanne McKee) is the leader of the group and therefore must carry out the negotiation with officer Remy Darbonne (Aml Ameen). However, agent Brynn (Rhea Seehorn) is called to help him, but the differences between the pair are becoming increasingly evident and can compromise the operation.

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The Perfect Plan 2

The Perfect Plan 2

9 – Jolt: Fatal Fury

In Jolt, Lindy (Kate Beckinsale) is a beautiful and sarcastically funny woman with a painful secret: Due to a rare neurological disorder, she has sporadic killer impulses that can only be stopped when she bumps into a special electrode. Unable to find love and connection in a world that fears her bizarre condition, Lindy finally trusts a man long enough to fall in love, only to find him dead the next day. Heartbroken and enraged, she embarks on a revenge-filled mission to find the killer, while also being pursued by the police as the prime suspect in the crime.

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Jolt: Fatal Fury

Jolt: Fatal Fury

10 – I feel good with you

Five love stories in times of quarantine. Five loves of different shapes and origins. Five stories about the importance of a company that makes you feel good in the midst of chaos. People, in the midst of social isolation, doing everything they could to stay close. A film about connections: virtual and real.

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I feel good with you

I feel good with you

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