Top Chef objective: Philippe Etchebest surprised by the cow remark of the father of a candidate (VIDEO)

This Wednesday, October 13, in Top Chef Objective, Philippe Etchebest could not believe his ears when the father of a candidate slipped a small tackle to his son. A cowardly remark that left the chef in shock.

Every evening in Top Chef Objective on M6, Philippe Etchebest continues to seek his rare pearl, the ideal candidate to join his brigade during the thirteenth season to come of the show Top chef. A research that often ends in tears as the apprentice cooks and their families are invested. It must be said that the pressure and the stakes are enormous, especially this year at the end of which nine participants will be able to join the Top Chef Academy, where they will train for fifteen days alongside the famous culinary emissary of M6.

A daddy a bit cowardly

Emotions are all the more on edge when Philippe Etchebest, as always very cash when he has something to say, does not mince his words when he speaks to his potential apprentices. Corn, this Wednesday, October 13, in Top Chef Objective, it is the chief himself who was shocked by the frankness of his interlocutor. The former rugby player welcomed in the evening episode Aymeric, an amateur cook dreaming of opening his restaurant one day. A young man who was accompanied by his sister and his father, came to support him. Proud of her brother, Aymeric’s sister immediately sold her talents to Philippe Etchebest, saying: “He is picky, rigorous, determined, motivated“. For the young woman, the amateur cook has the shoulders to integrate Top chef : “He’s good, he’s going to tear everything apart”. On the other hand, Patrick, Aymeric’s dad, was not so rave. But not at all.

“Oh the other! What does that mean?”

When Aymeric finally makes his entrance with his dish, Philippe Etchebest cannot help but point out his resemblance to David Bowie, “when he was young”. “He’s got a little face, yes he’s got something“nods the candidate’s father. Before slipping a small tackle to his son: “But David Bowie, he made it!” A cowardly remark that surprises the juror of Top chef. “Oh ! Oh !” he then launches, breathless and almost speechless. Still in shock, he then adds: “Oh the other! What does that mean?” Patrick tries to make up for it in an interview: “I understand myself. Aymeric looks like David Bowie so in his career he will be successful too. Like David Bowie. That’s what I meant.”. After this departure from his father’s road, Philippe Etchebest, he ends up putting everyone in their place: “Frankly, the pressure he puts! Patrick, the pressure, it’s me who puts it, it’s not you! You are not there for that, you are there to support him”.

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