Top Chef objective: Philippe Etchebest very touched by the story of a father and his son (VIDEO)

Philippe Etchebest is still looking for the rare pearl who will join his brigade in the next season of Top chef. Faced with Vincent and his father, the chef was very touched when he discovered their story.

Already several weeks that Philippe Etchebest tastes the dishes of amateur cooks who have come to try their luck in Top Chef Objective. The ultimate goal ? Integrate the emblematic chef’s brigade into the new season of Top chef, currently filming. If it is sometimes to be too direct with the candidates, until making them cry, it can also be a sensitive man. In the episode of this Tuesday, October 12, Philippe Etchebest was surprised to see a familiar face arrive on his show, and when he heard of the beautiful father / son relationship that the two men have, he didn’t not hide his emotion.

Apparently I put a bad mark

Arriving at the table, Philippe Etchebest wondered when he saw the man sitting next to him: His head is telling me something, he said. Jean-Jacques Daluz then smiled and tried to refresh his memory: “Avignon, 2011“, he indicates to him before indicating that he had taken part in the competition One of the Best Craftsmen of France. Then, the man shows him his finger, and there, Philippe Etchebest panics: Apparently I put a bad mark, he tries to remember. “There is no more the plaster that you put on me“, announces his interlocutor by showing his injury. And he who is about to publish a cookbook remembers:”Ah, I took care of you!“. The world is really small !

Philippe Etchebest touched by the history of the participants

This time, it is not Jean-Jacques who will be judged, but his son Vincent. The latter started cooking a short time ago, although he has been in it since he was young: “I saw the experience my father had in the kitchen, and it took him away from us when we were kids. He was still in the kitchen“Says the young man facing his father who has a tight throat.”I console myself by telling myself that I did it for them, to teach them real values ​​in life, work and love of his profession“, answers the dad moved. Faced with these words, Philippe Etchebest is touched in the heart:”I experienced the same thing. My father (also restaurateur, editor’s note) worked all the time“, he remembers. But if Vincent first moved away from this environment to start a different career, the juror of Top chef directly chose him to follow in the footsteps of his father: “My way to get closer to my father was to go to his kitchens“, he recalls. A beautiful emotional sequence.

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