Top Declarations: the cry from the heart of Payet, Aulas does not digest, the homage of Guardiola to Agüero …

On the menu of the Top Declarations this week, the cry from the heart of Payet, Aulas does not digest, the homage of Guardiola Agero, Bosz accuses Buquet of lying, Henry charges the PSG for Mbapp, bad surprise for Ramos… Discover the shocking sentences of the week.

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Dimitri Payet gave a rant.

Every Saturday, Maxifoot invites you to take a tour of the ten statements of the week that should not be missed. Serious and at least serious to know the best of the little phrases of the players of the round ball. Discover the ranking of all the statements that made the headlines in the press this week.

1. Dimitri Payet – I’m fed up with everyone putting their two cents in without providing the start of a solution. Sorry, but it must be said, it is not the prefect who is on the ground, nor the prosecutor, nor the delegate of the League, nor the presidents of Nice, Lyon or Marseille. It’s the players, it’s us who are killing ourselves. And in this case, I’m the one who shoots the corners. Should I stop pulling them? Stop playing? Tell me. I am surprised that the actors – the government, the league, the clubs – do not take more responsibility. It is an unbearable form of collective resignation (Le Monde, 12/15/2021)

Victim in two serious incidents since the start of the season, the attacking midfielder of Olympique de Marseille has uttered a real cry from the heart to demand awareness.

2. Jean-Michel Aulas – I am very happy. I think I have provided all the explanations that showed that there could be no intimidation towards the referee. Frankly, this is the biggest misunderstanding. This decision is not fair. On the one hand, we have a referee who is not telling the truth and for my part, I point out that the rules will have to evolve between the League and the Federation to know who can, at one time or another, stop or not stop a match (L’Equipe, 12/15/2021)

Suspended for 10 matches, including 5 suspended, by the Disciplinary Commission of the LFP for remarks deemed threatening towards referee Ruddy Buquet, after the final judgment of the L1 match against Marseille, the president of Olympique Lyonnais did not digest not…

3. Pep Guardiola – Maradona conquered Italy, Messi did it in Spain and Agero did it in England. His figures speak for themselves (ESPN Argentina, 12/15/2021)

The superb sentence of the Manchester City coach concerning Sergio Agero, forced to retire after heart problems.

4. Peter Bosz – The protocol decided? At least with a it’s clear. Because what we saw against Marseille was not clear. What I don’t like is that the referee didn’t tell the truth. I don’t speak French very well, but I understand all or almost all of the questions. The referee made it clear that we would resume the game. When today he says he never said it, he’s a liar (Press conference, 12/16/2021)

The president of Olympique Lyonnais Jean-Michel Aulas is not the only one to charge the referee Ruddy Buquet…

5. Thierry Henry, about Kylian Mbapp – This should have been resolved two years ago. I think if two years ago they’d sit down with Mbapp and say, ‘This is going to be your team, we are going to build this team around you, this is going to be you the boss.’, The situation would have been. could be different. But there he really has his destiny in his hands. He will be able to sign where he wants. But it should have been settled a long time ago (Prime Vido, 12/12/2021)

Aggressed by the debates around the situation of Kylian Mbapp, at the end of the contract next June, the consultant recalled, according to him, the person responsible for the current soap opera: Paris Saint-Germain.

6. Antoine Kombouar – How can you play soccer? When you go to hit a corner, you are no longer at ease. You go there and you say to yourself: ‘I have to be careful because there may be a bottle’. What he suffered is very serious and he could have said to himself: ‘I stop playing football.’ I would have understood his decision because he had become the target and it was becoming dangerous for him. He had to have nightmares. started with small projectiles, water bottles and what will it be tomorrow? It hasn’t gone far enough yet. We must take tougher action against these thugs (Press conference, 12/16/2021)

The very strong words of the coach of FC Nantes to support the attacking midfielder of Olympique de Marseille Dimitri Payet in his fight against violence in the stadiums.

7. Damien Comoli – I had a hunch when I saw the reaction of the Rodez goalkeeper. I have already lived elsewhere in another sport. I went downstairs, saw the president of Rodez and went to the delegate’s office. I apologized on behalf of the club. I spoke with the stewards. It is a person identifies. I am heart. We do a lot of things. It’s the kind of thing that makes me wanna throw up (RMC Sport, 12/13/2021)

The shame of the president of Toulouse after racist remarks, on the part of one of the supporters of the Violets, against the goalkeeper of Rodez Lionel Mpasi.

8. Jrme Rothen – You have to call a spade a spade. I have nothing against Dupraz, but you pass from Puel Dupraz. Don’t you have the impression that the club is going down two categories? I’m not going to redo his CV but Puel has shown that he is a good trainer. So if he doesn’t make it today with the squad they have, do you really believe Dupraz is going to make it? So Dupraz will help young people progress, he will revive experienced players … No, but are you kidding? (RMC Sport, 12/13/2021)

The former Parisian did not mince his words when returning to the arrival of Pascal Dupraz on the bench of AS Saint-Etienne!

9. Sergio Ramos – Fate is capricious. I would have liked to face another team. You know the love and affection I have for Real Madrid and their supporters. And a will never change, no one will be able to change a. But you have to look at the present. I am a PSG player and I have to defend my colors. I will do my best to qualify. It will be a very tough game. (…) I must defend PSG, it is the team that put on me (Cadena COPE, le 13/12/2021)

The draw for the round of 16 of the Champions League, with a shock Paris Saint-Germain – Real Madrid, reserved a nasty surprise for Parisian central defender Sergio Ramos.

10. Tom Holland, About Kylian Mbapp – We believed him and I said: ‘Very happy to meet you’. He was super nice and I said, ‘Dude, you really have to come to Tottenham’. And there he burst out laughing (Video, 12/14/2021)

Sorry for Spider-Man, but Mbapp Tottenham, it’s just impossible!

It is on this statement that the Top Statements of the week ends. See you next Saturday for a new issue!

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