Top teams lead most valuable squads in Qatar

own FIFA measures its affiliated teams thanks to their official results of the last four years, which give them points in order to have a ranking with the best —or most regular— national teams today.

This list can also serve as a parameter to know which teams reach the best international competitions, in this case the world Cup. At least within the first 10 countries in the ranking, many of the most valuable soccer players in the world stand out, who are also among the main clubs such as psg, Real Madrid either Manchester City.

Regularity is not always earned thanks to having good players, because, when taking into account the FIFA list, it stands out that the most expensive team is ranked fifth and the one in second place is the tenth most valuable of all the world. There is also the case of Italy, the other side of the coin, a team that had a great cycle and even won the 2021 Euro Cup but ended up staying on the road to Qatar 2022has the ninth most expensive squad in the world but it was not enough for them.

The reality is that the market value of each player has a filter that goes beyond their performance. Teams that appear among the best 10 in the world according to the highest international soccer body do not have top leagues, such is the case of Portugal or Denmark, and some of their players do not play in elite tournaments such as the Champions Leaguethat limits its revaluation.

The exponential growth in value of the selections

Despite the fact that the parameters are not the same when defining the value of the players, the trend of greatest growth does point to a few countries, however this is due to the fact that their greatest or future stars succeed in the best clubs in the world, adding credentials to belong to the most valuable.

These players are also a reflection that market inflation has not impacted all countries in the same way. Brazil, which leads the FIFA ranking, has Vinícius Júnior in its ranks, the third most valuable player in the world and the footballer who has increased his value the most in 2022 along with the Spanish Gavi: Antony.

The good year that the first mentioned in the real Madrid keeps it valued at 120 million euros while the recent reinforcement of the Manchester Utdwith a great past at Ajax, increased his value by 50 million to close his letter at 75 until before the start of the World Cup.

Another sample of the progress in the teams with the best work in general is in the five players who increased their value the most, since they all play for the countries in the top 10 of the ranking: Anthony (75 million) and Rodrygo (80 million) in Brazil, Gavi in Spain (90 million euros), Jamal Musiala in Germany (100 million euros) and Aurélien Tchouameni in France (80 million euros).

Furthermore, of the 50 most valuable footballers in the world, only 11 do not have a nationality that belongs to the top 10 according to the FIFA ranking, a fairly broad domain.

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