Toro, a new team is sought (quickly) for Zaza

Toro is looking for a team for Simone Zaza, the former Sassuolo striker is no longer part of the grenade club’s plans

Transfer market negotiations continue, with the summer session about to officially begin. Among the managers who have the most work to do there is certainly the manager of the technical area of ​​Toro Davide Vagnati, both as regards the front of income, both as regards the front of the expenditure. In the notebook of the grenade manager under the heading “outgoing players” in the top positions there is certainly Simone Zaza. The player has returned from a very bad season where he found the field with a dropper, collecting 11 appearances between Serie A and the Italian Cup without ever scoring a goal and practically always making up for very, very disappointing performances. Zaza dal Toro is considered a surplus to sell, also due to the high salary he receives. And it is precisely the high salary that represents an obstacle in the sale of Zaza, even if some clubs have begun to think about the former Sassuolo striker. Among these is the Leccealong with several Spanish companies. Already in the coming weeks there could be some news on the future of Zaza. At least that’s what Taurus is hoping for.

Simone Zaza

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