Toro, dizzying decline in subscribers: this is the worst figure (of the Cairo era) since the 2010-2011 season

The cards have even been halved from 2019-2020. The highest figure of the Cairo era remains 2005-2006 and at the Olimpico the following year

Torino’s season ticket campaign was disappointing. The Stadio Olmpico-Grande Torino empties more and more every year. The simple opening of the gates of the stadium after two years of deprivation dictated by the pandemic was not enough to ignite the desire for Toro in the fans. A lot of this drastic decline was influenced by the not very idyllic relationship between the square and the company, with the first ones annoyed in particular by an unsatisfactory purchasing campaign due to some departures not replaced as hoped for. Only 5,870 cards. Only in one season did it get worse and the sporting situation was much more dramatic. It was the 2010-2011 vintage with Toro fresh from the defeat in the playoff final against Brescia and directed towards a nightmare season under the orders of Franco Lerda. In that case, it reached 5,263.

The record of the Cairo era

The best result of the Cairo era therefore remains that of the first season of settlement. 19,256 in 2005-2006, when Toro was still playing at Delle Alpi and in that year he picked up promotion to Serie A against Mantova. The best result at the Olimpico-Grande Torino is the following year, that of the return to Serie A and the centenary. As many as 17,489 torn tiles. Numbers that cannot be proposed in comparison with current events, in which Taurus (without taking into account the seasons 20/21 and 21/22) from the 2014-2015 season has always collected over ten thousand cards. A figure that collapses vertically in this, even halving compared to 2019-2020 in which subscribers were 12,143.

The Marathon Curve

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