Torrential rains cause severe flooding in Saudi Arabia

jeddah of Saudi Arabia delayed flights on Thursday due to the strong rains that hit the city. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the city closed schools and the road to meccathe holiest city in the Islam.

Images shared widely on social media on Thursday showed that waterlogging has caused traffic jams in Jeddah. Standing water has partially submerged many vehicles in the city amid heavy rain.

Saudi Arabia is flooded

A city of about four million people is on the Red Sea. It is well known as ‘Gateway to Mecca’ as every year millions make the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. As the city is witnessing a heavy downpour, flooding, the city has closed schools in Jeddah. The Saudi news agency said schools in the city would be suspended as rain is forecast to persist throughout the day.

In addition, schools have also been closed in the nearby cities of Rabigh and Khulais in a bid to preserve the safety of students and students, according to the Saudi Press Agency. However, schools are in the midst of final exams, despite this, they were already closed across the country on Wednesday.

This came after King Salman declared a public holiday. The holiday was to mark the celebrations after Saudi Arabia pulled off a huge upset against Argentina at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Saudi Arabia’s two best-known universities, King Abdulaziz University and Jeddah University, have reportedly postponed their first-semester final exams. Now, alternate dates for final exams are expected to come later. The Jeddah rain followed the first winter rains in the UAE.

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