“Totally out of practice”: Cathy Hummels has her first date in 15 years

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Cathy Hummel’s relationship with her husband Mats is officially over. Now the influencer dares to look for a new love again.

Influencer Cathy Hummels (34) tries again in the dating world. The entrepreneur already gave a deep insight behind the scenes in her new documentary “Cathy Hummels – Everything at the beginning”. The former player’s wife had announced before the broadcast that her relationship with BVB player Mats Hummels (33) was over. In this format, she dares to go on dates again.

Cathy now had her first date after 15 years of relationship in front of the camera. For this, her father Alfred (65) brought the influencer to Los Angeles, where she met her date – an actor. However, the 34-year-old did not take it easy, as she did picture revealed: “I’m really, really shy. I find it really difficult to approach men.”

Cathy Hummels is ‘completely out of practice’

But the 34-year-old probably didn’t find her second great love that day: “It was quite nice. I just fall in love very, very hard. For me, a man must have that certain something. I don’t have a specific type. I don’t need much.” She also added, “I need to feel secure and the chemistry needs to be right. It wasn’t like that. Nevertheless, we had a good conversation.”

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