Touch Bar, McDonald’s checkout, pregnancy test: all these devices that run DOOM

DOOM is a legendary video game so old that it can run on countless devices, even the most unusual. We offer you an overview of the best creations in this area.

In 1993, the then small universe of video games welcomed DOOM. In the eyes of many, he is one of the founding fathers of the FPS (first-person shooter) genre, like Wolfenstein 3D (which had laid some very solid foundations). As proof, for a long time, the shooters that followed were cataloged as DOOM-like, in reference.

In 2022, DOOM is far from being a forgotten license. Publisher Bethesda relaunched the machine with an — excellent — reboot in 2016 and, recently, the episode DOOM Eternal made a strong impression. In parallel, DOOM continues to survive thanks to unusual ports. It can run on a multitude of devices, even the most unthinkable. There is also a website called It Runs Doom! and compiling all these objects capable of running DOOM.


All those places where we saw Doom spinning

A Lego brick

When you are told that Doom can turn everywhere, it’s really everywhere. Even on a small Lego brick. In a tweet posted on June 20, 2022, James Brown, a New Zealander who “ make stuff shares a short clip showing the shooter playing on a tiny 72 x 40 pixel screen, nestled inside a Lego brick. The playing conditions are not ideal, but the prowess is immense.


Well ok, we deviate a bit from the rule: Doom does not really run on the famous social network. But there is a Twitter account that is deceiving. Just give a series of instructions to the bot @tweet2doom so that it can simulate commands in Doom and, thus, make a video clip of the progress. Interested parties can then continue their game by responding to the following tweets. Yes, it’s complicated because it forces you to play blind.

Connected lighting Ikea TRÅDFRI

You don’t know the connected lighting solution designed by Ikea? Called TRÅDFRI, it can also spin DOOM — reports Slash Gear in an article published on June 14, 2021. More concretely, it is the processor of the connected bulb which makes it possible to animate the shooter, knowing that the hackers had to add a few parts for the magic to work (including a screen and more storage). In short, it took some elbow grease, which makes the feat all the more impressive.

DOOM on Ikea connected lighting // Source: The Verge (via Next-Hack)

Pregnancy test

A programmer known as Foone on Twitter did the unthinkable: running DOOM on a… pregnancy test. He shared his crazy project on the social network knowing that, at first, the object was only running a video. After a few hours of work, Foone managed to make the experience interactive. Note that he replaced the screen and integrated a micro-controller for the magic to work.


We summarize: it is possible to build a virtual PC in MinecraftPC running an operating system, operating system (Windows XP here) running DOOM. Easy.

Doom in Minecraft
Doom in Minecraft // Source: Youtube

An old cash register from a McDonald’s

Thanks to a resourceful 19-year-old. ” I downloaded ZDOOM (the XP version of DOOM) from my personal PC and plugged a USB key into the cash register “, he explains at Kotaku on October 1, 2019. It wasn’t that complicated.

DOOM on the Touch Bar of a MacBook Pro

Unplayable but stunning. Big challenge in perspective to finish a level on a screen with a resolution of 2160 x 60 pixels…

DOOM on an Apple Watch

Live from watchOS 2, which is getting a bit dated.

DOOM on a smart vacuum cleaner

In reality, a developer had fun creating a program to transform the course of an autonomous vacuum cleaner into a card for the video game DOOM. Bold. ” I hope you will have fun with this feature. Some will say it’s pointless, but I hope the Dark Lord wipes these people off the face of the earth and traps them in a parallel dimension of eternal fire. Their suffering will be legendary “, he confides.

DOOM in version we see nothing

It’s not the platform but the version that matters here: someone gave birth to a DOOM with graphics in ASCII — i.e. a rendering composed solely of characters that can be typed (numbers, letters, mathematical symbols, punctuation). There are several difficulty levels and, even, a monochrome mode…

In DOSBox… in a smartphone… in an Unreal Engine 4 environment

We won’t blame you for not having understood anything. But basically it’s a mise en abyme in a mise en abyme 😅.

A bank distributor

At least it’s free.

A toaster

Will play DOOM with a toaster? You dreamed of it, right?

A spectrum analyzer

For lunch breaks.

A thermostat

What temperature is it in DOOM ?

A piano

No need to learn music theory.

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