Touching details in the picture of Victoria and Estelle – everyone sees the same thing

Victoria and Estelle’s cute detail has, to say the least, become a real snack bar.

After the commercial: 5 times Estelle has worn Victoria’s old clothes!


Friday night offered a royal party when several of Europe’s royals gathered to celebrate Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th birthday in January.

Due to the corona pandemic, the celebration of the Norwegian princess had to be postponed, but on Friday it was finally time for the long-awaited gala dinner in Ingrid Alexandra’s honor.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

Victoria impressed in her beautiful dress.

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The Swedish royal family visited

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and the children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar were some of the more than 200 guests who took part in the celebration.

Estelle and Oscar held hands when they arrived at the gala dinner just before their parents. So cute!

As usual, our future queen was radiantly beautiful during Friday’s celebration when she arrived at the castle in the colors of the Norwegian flag. Victoria’s white, elegant prom dress was adorned with flowers in red, blue, white and purple.

She matched with silver jewelry, Princess Lilian’s beautiful tiara, a large brooch with King Carl Gustav and Norwegian St. Olavsorden’s band. Prince Daniel also wore the red ribbon along with his handsome evening dress and white bow tie.


Sweet Estelle and Oscar arrived hand in hand.

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Victoria and Estelle’s great match

However, it is Victoria and Estelle’s great way of matching each other that has become a bit of a snack bar, something too The picture sheet has noticed.

Estelle was adorable in a pale blue dress in true princess spirit and in her hair she wore a matching hair band. Both the dress’s waistband and the hairband were adorned with the same floral details as on Victoria’s dress. Prince Oscar was also sugary in his little suit and bow tie.

Mother and daughter really matched each other so nicely and the princess undeniably seems to follow in her mother’s stylish footsteps.

In addition to the floral details, Estelle also wore a silver bracelet and a white handbag with a thin chain, almost identical to the bag Victoria was wearing.

The picture of Estelle – that’s why she became the gala party’s big snack

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