Toulouse – Algiers flights: Air France prices for autumn 2022

Among the airlines that transport the diaspora between France and the national territory, is Air France. Indeed, the latter provides service for several flights to Algeria. And sometimes offers good plans to travel between its destinations.

However, with this new start, Algerian travelers have noticed a certain increase in prices for this French airline. This is what emerges from several testimonials from Internet users on social networks. In addition, in order to know the price level displayed by Air France, for the fall of 2022, we carried out a simulation on its reservation site.

Algiers – Toulouse flights: what are the Air France prices for autumn 2022?

As indicated by Internet users on travel groups on social networks, Air France displays fairly high prices for this month of September 2022. Indeed, on its booking site, Air France displays one-way tickets that are close to the 300 mark. euros. For example, the Algiers – Toulouse flight, scheduled for September 25, which is sold at a price of 294 euros.

However, from the beginning of next October, Air France plans to lower its prices to reach 120 euros. This rate applies in particular to the company’s connections scheduled for October 4 and 6. Flights are also available at a price of 109 euros for the same month.

On the other hand, displays flights at 70 euros between Algiers and Toulouse. Indeed, to benefit from this rate, it is necessary to book for the date of Saturday, October 8th. If you miss this date, it is possible to book at the price of 87 euros, another flight between Algiers and Toulouse. And this, dated October 22, 2022.

What about the prices for the Toulouse – Oran line?

From Toulouse to Ahmed Ben Bella airport in Oran, the prices of Air France flights are more advantageous. Indeed, for the rest of September 2022, this air carrier offers services from 153 euros for a one-way ticket. This is the case for the flights on September 24 and 28.

Regarding the month of October, Air France flights are displayed on its booking site from 100 euros. This price reduction only applies to certain flights this month, in particular for October 5 and 8.

On the other hand, these prices will once again experience an increase in their level. However, if you plan to travel during the month of November, but still want to take advantage of some good prices, it is advisable to book your trip on board Air France on Saturday. Indeed, this air carrier displays prices from 63 euros, for all Saturdays in November 2022.

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