Tour de France Women: "We are in the right direction towards a form of parity", welcomes the Sport and Cycle Union

Virgile Caillet, general delegate of the Union sport et cycle, welcomes the return of the Tour de France Women after twelve years of absence, whose route was announced Thursday.

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“We are in the right direction towards a form of parity”, welcomes on Franceinfo Thursday, October 14 Virgile Caillet, general delegate of the Union sport and cycle. Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) has just announced the route of the Tour de France Women and Men for the edition of the 2022 Grande Boucle. The women’s event includes eight stages, from Paris to the Super Planche des Belles Filles. On franceinfo, Marion Rousse, the director of the Tour de France Women indicated that the sum of the bonuses would be 250,000 euros, while the winner of the Men’s Tour de France alone receives 500,000 euros.

franceinfo: The premiums for men and women are different, are we far from parity there?

Virgile Caillet : With this Tour de France Women, we are in the right direction towards a form of parity. Regarding the bonuses, we will have to see over time, depending on what this event generates in terms of marketing. And as this race is born, this imbalance with the premiums for the men is not abnormal. So you have to look at the glass half full and avoid unnecessary controversy. What is notable in the organization of the Women’s Tour de France is that ASO is doing what is necessary to appeal to both the media and partners.

How are the premiums calculated after all?

It is very factual because it corresponds to the media and marketing attractiveness of the event. Hence the importance of having specific events such as the women’s Paris-Roubaix or the women’s Tour de France. What is important is to see that ASO treats the male and female Tour de France in the same way. This morning, Marion Rousse was alongside Christian Prudhomme to present the course. It really is fair and equivalent treatment. These are gestures that attract sponsors. Already, there is a big sponsor who is associated with the Women’s Tour de France, Zwift. It is this marketing value that will allow the organizers to increase the endowment for women.

What audience would it take for the Tour de France Women to be profitable?

The figures of 2 million viewers for Paris-Roubaix are excellent. This is a very good number when compared to other sports competitions. You know, the Olympics or Roland Garros took decades to achieve parity. Today, women and men offer an equivalent sports spectacle with the same economic or marketing value and they are remunerated in almost the same way.

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